Mistaken releases I'm not sure how to go about editing

So there is a duplicate set of releases here that have incorrect information to some degree or the other:

And I would have liked to go with the style of merging, but not too sure how to proceed from there as even the main artist is different and there’s a pseudo-release.
There is also a reprint album that has not been added and has had its barcode mistakenly entered into the original.
Should I effect individual corrections prior to merging?

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  1. Merge https://musicbrainz.org/release/856533a3-b7c2-464a-9bca-06a7c3a13644 (the duplicate release) into https://musicbrainz.org/release/02a2b331-97b5-40c8-98f2-e565d95ab0cb
  2. Merge Release group “機動武闘伝Gガンダム GUNDAM FIGHT-ROUND1&2” by 田中公平 - MusicBrainz (the duplicate release group) into Release group “機動武闘伝Gガンダム 1&2” by 鵜島仁文 - MusicBrainz
  3. Without waiting for the merge to apply, if title, artist, barcode and other things are wrong on targets, edit the target release title and everything that needs to be and don’t forget to check the options to copy the changes to release group and recordings

However, the one you said is the duplicate is the one with the most accurate information (date, title, artist info, and track titles) and thus the least amount of changes to be made, the artist isn’t even the right one for the latter, and neither are the titles or the release date.
So if I did as you suggested, wouldn’t it lead to the wrong metadata replacing the correct one?

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I’m a little bit extreme so what I would do is copy the tracklist editor from correct duplicate and paste it over the older but wrong (according to you) release.
But you are totally free to simply merge the older into the duplicate but correct release! :slight_smile:

But older release has the correct barcode, according to minc.
And none of the releases has the correct release date (1999-03-05), still according to minc.

That one is the release date (and barcode) for the 1999 reprint (also the same release date for all the other 90’s Gundam series reprints, namely those of Wing, X, and the rest of G), rather than the original release by STARCHILD in 1994 (to which end I uploaded the back scan in one of them that shows the release date and is of a different catalog number).

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