Mistaken picture


I was just looking at the MusicBrainz record for the Mexican composer Manuel de Zumaya, and was startled to notice that the attached picture is a well-known portrait of Franz Josef Haydn. I went to edit the record, assuming that someone had added a mistaken picture link, and that I could delete it. However, when I looked at the list of External links, there is NO picture link. How on earth do you link a picture to an artist record without using an external picture link, and how do I get rid of this clearly bogus picture?


Sidebar images are now also taken from Wikidata. The wrong image was already removed from Wikidata by @ListMyCDs.com, but it’s still cached, so it may stick around for a day or two.


Like Chirlu already explained, this picture was loaded based on wrong data at Wikidata.org. I removed link from Wikidata and made request for deletion at Wikimedia Commons which is the source for this picture.


Thanks! I am not proficient in editing Wikimedia myself and do not have an accounty there, so wasn’t sure what the proper procedure was.