Missing PRO Identifier in Works Attributes

Currently I’m working in put online the information of one chilean composer, and I have access to his account in the the SCD (Sociedad Chilena de Autores e Intérpretes Musicales) the chilean PRO (Performing Rights Organizations) as you can see here.

In the platform I can see a list of his works, and get two codes: ISWC and SCD Work ID. But the second one isn’t available to be added in the Works Attributes in musicbrainz works editor.
Here is some samples screenshoots of the SCD info

Captura de pantalla 2023-08-10 a la(s) 09.28.54

Here a public list of the writer’s songs provided by SCD, the profile by BMI, also the one from ASCAP

Also, I got the ASCAP ID but not all the SCD songs, or even ISWC cods, are matched with ASCAP, so I can’t add some works.

Can you add that PRO to Works Attributes so I can add the works?

Thanks a lot

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I was going to say to please create a ticket but I see you did! :slight_smile:

That said, you certainly can add works without PRO identifiers, they’re not mandatory! But since it’s easy enough to add, I’ll just do that so you don’t have to go back to them.

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@reosarevok yes! I didn’t know that I can do that.
Thank you! :slight_smile: