Missing important(/destructive) edits for subscribed artists / How to handle many artist subscriptions

I use that link without “?open-1” as my internet shortcut for coming to MB. Why would I need to go anywhere else as my “home page”.
But that is an old habit from Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, neither of the alternatives would decrease the likelihood of me missing important edits.

That sounds more like a personal issue.
The site can only lead you to water, it cannot make you drink it.

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Well… if I’m the only one having the problem, then, sure.

If it affects other people, I’d say it’s an opportunity for Musicbrainz to provide better tools. (i.o.w. add it to the massive wishlist of Musicbrainz improvements)

You should link to the edits so we can have a look :slight_smile:

My apologies if that sounded harsh. Spoken words don’t always translate to the printed word.

What seems to be the biggest concern?
You have the ability to subscribe to artists. You have the ability to see edits to those subscriptions. You have the ability to see open edits for those subscriptions.
Open edits last 7 days (unless voted through).

How do you not have ample opportunity to see the edits.

Only minorly harsh, no big deal. And I really do mean what I said – if this “problem” affects only me, than MusicBrainz shouldn’t worry about it – it’s something I can/should deal with on my own.

It’s not so much that I don’t have ample opportunity to see them (put that way it sounds like a complaint about “fairness” or something). It’s just that my situation (which seems to be the result of my contribution level and Musicbrainz defaults) makes it easy for stuff to go unnoticed (by me).

Further elaboration of my situation:
I don’t edit or manage my subscription list. I have created over 500 artist entries over the course of my time as a Musicbrainz contributor. By default (I think this isn’t something I turned on myself) each artist I create gets added to my subscription list. Maybe the artists I edit get added as well. Many/most of these artists are artists I was only briefly interested in, not someone I’m a fan of.
Over the course of a month I get notices of (what seems like) a hundred or more edits to subscribed artists. 99% of those notices are something like “someone has added/edited a release for a musician that you don’t even remember editing” 0.1% of those notices are “someone is attempting a destructive edit of data you entered”. I guess I just wish the 0.1% stood out better.

Huh… just checked. I’m subscribed to 2227 artists.

OTOH, it’s also possible I did get a prominent email notice about the destructive edit, and I’m just a flake and didn’t see it.

The way I generally do this nowadays is (after disabling the “Subscribe me to everything I create” preference) - if someone I don’t care about much comes up in my subscriptions, I open it, check the edits quickly in case there’s something really bad there, and then go to the artist page and unsubscribe. I have like 20 thousand subscriptions still, but most of them literally never get used by anyone else, so they don’t bother me in my emails anyway :slight_smile: