Missing barcode on some CDs, not others

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My question is about three releases (separate CDs in a same series). Iown the CDs and there is no barcode on any of them. But I can see on scans that those CDs were also published the same years with barcodes, and that this is the only difference: Otherwise they have the same tracks, the same booklet, etc.

Should there be two diffrent releases for each of those CDs (one release with the barcode and one release without it) or is it OK to merge the releases in such a case where the difference is tiny?


Yes, two releases, one with and one without CD. The same year though? That’s very weird. Was the barcode maybe on a sticker or something external and that’s why yours don’t have it? I’d expect to see the barcode added on a re-release, but not to have both options exist at the same time.


Yes, same year, 1986.
I have other CDs by the same publisher, same year, where there is definitely a barcode. Maybe this was new fot them at this time.

Is there a way to have those two releases share common data? The only difference are the barcode field and the back scan.

Are you finding out the date by ©/℗ years? (if so, those should probably be the same when reissued, and do not indicate release year)


I bought the CDs in 1986. They were the first in my collections. I don’t know when the barcorde version was issued though.

Most probably later and it is another release in same release group, with new barcode, without release date 86 but the (same) recordings will still be phonographic copyrighted ℗ 86.