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We are missing Alison Sudol’s new album - Moon. I see it in Spotify and ITunes. Do I need to own it or can i just add from these sources?


You can add it from those sources. There is a handy script for importing from the iTunes website. https://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Guides/Userscripts


I tried violentmonkey on firefox with following userscripts installed -

mb. inline stuff
itunes importer
amazon importer

the violentmonkey icon detected the scripts but both itunes and amazon pages did not show any buttons to import to musicbrainz.

I tried discogs importer userscript which works but discogs does not have this album yet.

Thanks for help!

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I don’t think I’ve ever gotten the Amazon one to work. The iTunes importer didn’t work in Firefox, but I thought it was because of all of my JS blocking. So that’s one of the few things I use Chromium for with the Tampermonkey extension. I find that the iTunes page will usually need to be refreshed once, and then you’ll see the “Add to MusicBrainz” below it. I also use “Artwork Grabber by Tunghsiao Liu” to easily get the larger artwork for uploading.


Feel free to ask for more help if that doesn’t work for you. Those importers make a lot of things easier.

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I have added the updated version of iTunes importer, there in the wiki.
And the bug of button not always appearing is known but no solutions yet: