Misidentified track in Last.fm import

I just imported my full Last.fm history to ListenBrainz, and there’s a problem with one of my top tracks. I have 269 listens to “Snow” by Kele Goodwin, and they show up on LB as being “Snow Trek” by Ron Goodwin. Is there some way I can correct all 269 listens? I’m not averse to python/API work, if that’s necessary. I’m brand new on ListenBrainz, so I don’t really know what’s possible or efficient. I do have a feeling I might find other misidentified tracks, though, as I start poking through the import. So I’d like to know how to address them.


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Listen to the track so you can easily find it in your recent listens. Click the 3 dot menu, click Link, either search for the correct recording through that, or find it on MusicBrainz and paste the recording ID/URL into the box. You will likely need to refresh the page to see it update after linking as well. It will take some time before it is reflected on your stats page, but fixing it once will fix all previous listens with the same metadata.


Is there a way to do this without listening to the track again?

I understand the re-listening was just so you don’t need to go search for it, but it should work either way.