Song recognised but reported with the wrong name

Was playing an old Macca album yesterday (Pipes of peace) and ‘Hey Hey’ was reported as ‘Hey Jude’. Inspecting the listen shows :

"track_name": "Hey Hey"


"recording_name": "Hey Jude",

File is 100% correctly tagged - checked with MP3Tag, Audioshell and Media tag (and even opened it in Notepad++)
Clearly a bug/error - can/do these things get fed back as bugs?

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Welcome at the forum @trgz

Is it possible the track does not exist in the MusicBrainz database? If it isn’t there, LB cannot identify it.

If so, the remedy is simple enough: add “Pipes of Peace” to the database and link the track.

@biocv The rest of the tracks on the album were correctly titled - could it be that the database entry for that one specific track was incorrectly entered originally?
Update: I’ve been through a few (most/all?) of the CD releases of the album in MusicBrainz and that track is always correctly listed as ‘Hey Hey’.
Update2: I found that I could search the Recording MB ID (1e668b1b-09be-4f72-baa1-2fd6a233157e) for that track, and it shows the wrong album ('Maida Vale Studios 2013), and that tallies with the ID for the album (26d9a9a4-a459-490c-bc4d-57c1a14f3bbf) in the data (though not an album I own, or have ever played), yet, as mentioned, the rest of the album appears to be correct.
FYI most of the other tracks show ebe26f4d-27cf-46ef-8474-4f9a8d284c3b as the album ID, though I notice that there are two others that do not have any album art, and may not have been correctly identified.
Something that I didn’t mention was that this is being scrobbled by SimpleScrobbler - could the disconnect be there? It’s the first time I’ve seen anything in a very large number of scrobbles (though another may have slipped through)

Hmmm, that is a bit odd. If the track exists in the database it is usually found (though not always the correct version). Perhaps there is a typo somewhere that threw the mapper off?

Anyway, did you link the correct track? That should stop this particular mismatch from happening again at least.

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I have to admit that I haven’t a clue as to how to go about doing that and, given what I’ve found, my gut feeling is that I wouldn’t really be fixing the problem.

Welcome, and a big thanks for taking the time to report :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can you link to the specific listen, or the page with that listen on your profile? Then I will tag in some of the LB code wizards to have a look.

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@DontMindMe posted a lovely explanation recently. It is quite easy.
And yes, that will fix your problem in the sense that all historical and future listens of that particular track will be mapped correctly.

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