Mish-mash data on release. What to do?

Claimed 1987 release. Catalogue number matches 1987 release.

Barcode does not match any Rubinstein release but rather

Current associated Amazon CA is from 2000 release.

2011-02-23 22:59 UTC
"Have disc. Rubinstein: a life By Harvey Sachs, p488, etc. 1995, Grove Press, NY ISBN 0-8021-1579-9"

And “purcellmarch” has contributed a disc ID.

Way forward:
Remove incorrect barcode.

Then what?

Barcode should be 078635567120 from Discogs, and Amazon has what looks like the right version: https://www.amazon.com/Rubinstein-Collection-Concerto-Rhapsody-Intermezzos/dp/B00000E6A6

I am loathe to claim “good enough evidence” for that disc ID being correctly associated with that release.
Alternative associations appear viable.
EG That the disc ID contributor has got a +1999 release and was referring to the tracklist in the cited book.

I have emailed the disc ID contributor.

In these cases I leave an edit note on the DiscID addition, and if they don’t reply, I remove the DiscID.
Then it will possible be re-added to the correct version in future - if I leave it, nobody will ever know or be able to find out what is correct.


Communications from editor:purcellmarsh who contributed the disc ID.

purcellmarch purcellmarch@users.musicbrainz.org
7/9/17 06:34
MusicBrainz user ‘purcellmarch’ has sent you the following message:
I may have confused things. I can’t find a Brahms Concerto No. 2 in my collection.
I probably did a cut-and-paste error submitting the ID for #2.

What I have has on the cover

"The Rubenstein Collection
Concerto No. 1 in D Minor

and a right-facing white bust.

discid is
which leads to a 60 CD set released in Korea
The correct release did not have a discid. I entered this one.

I’m sorry about my error.

purcellmarch purcellmarch@users.musicbrainz.org
7/9/17 13:26
MusicBrainz user ‘purcellmarch’ has sent you the following message:
Hi mmirG,
I have Concerto #1 only - barcode is 07863556682. It may be on Discogs as part of the 60-cd Korean set. I can’t find the catalog number 5668-2 RC there at all. I have the physical CD w/case and insert.

I don’t have Concerto #2 in any form. From the picture & barcodes it looks very probable that #2 then #1 were released consecutively as 5667-2 RC and 5668-2 RC.

I hope this helps!

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This MB release matches purcellmarche’s description of the cover. And the barcode matches too.
The Rubinstein collection: Piano Concerto No. 1
I’m taking “right-facing white bust” to be a white cover with a right facing bust.

As further checking here is an Rubinstein Collection ebay listing with the same barcode as given by purcellmarch.

However I am unsure how to proceed.
Maybe I am mis-interpretting something basic.

Edit #14098934 - Add disc ID 2011-03
CD TOC: 1 7 282888 150 76448 117603 174583 215765 238240 252138
Disc ID: aNTjWYgQ9wpACjsJVMEuX.Qhjxc-

Edit #47677385 - Add disc ID 2017-09
Medium: CD 1 on The Rubinstein collection: Piano Concerto No. 1 by Brahms; Rubinstein, Reiner, Chicago Symphony
Disc ID: hG48a8RMViKrSzxiln66IGeQBjQ-

I thought that purcellmarch had in 2011-03 mis-identified a release, added an incorrect barcode and provided a misplaced Disc ID here.
And that we had now correctly identified the release as

But if I was correct then I expect those two Disc IDs above (hG48a8RMViKrSzxiln66IGeQBjQ- and aNTjWYgQ9wpACjsJVMEuX.Qhjxc-) to be the same.
They are not.