Misc information on tracklists

Hi all, I sometimes encounter tracklists with tracks that include some misc information in brackets next to it, like theme song of a certain film, or theme song of a certain festival/campaign. Should I leave those when entering the tracklist or do they belong in the annotations?


These are not part of the recording title. They should not IMO be part of the recording comment as this is not a version information.

Previously unreleased

Should appear nowhere.

Bonus track

Should appear either in release annotation or in a trackset title or nowhere.

Tie-up info (appears in this commercial or that film)

Can be set in recording annotation. Maybe we even have a recording-IMDb relationship for films.

I don’t personally keep those info at all. Recently I came across at least one editor who really wanted to keep something. I would say in the track name, then, if it is not a release that I own:wink:

For what it’s worth, our guess case code specifically removes “(bonus track)” from titles.

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But what about bonus trucks? Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here you have some bonus trucks: :truck: :truck: :truck: :truck:

They were here all along!


If it’s something like “Flippety Floo (Love Theme from Some Film)” I would be inclined to keep it like that on the track.
But unless “(Love Theme from Some Film)” is an actual part of the work’s name (unlikely, but not impossible), I would make sure to keep the recording (and work) as just “Flippety Floo”.


For what it’s worth, that’s exactly how I do it. It’s better to enter track titles the way they are written on the release anyway (unless it’s in all caps or something like that). Recording titles are the proper place for standardized titles. Standardized track titles for different releases don’t really add any value.

Reading the guidelines, I would say this would go under extra title information (though it’s not a perfect fit), but I’ve seen people remove such annotations from tracks and I’m not entirely sure which I think is right. In any case, the guidelines should be clarified.

Consider for this discussion the release We Love Disney, released with annotations such as “(From “The Muppet Movie”)”, clearly not part of the actual title of the track. I think that is just the question that should be asked: Is this part of the title or not?

ETI is to indicate versions, intended to distinguish it from different releases or tracks with the same main title.

Previously unreleased and comes from this that film does not make this track another version, it’s the same track (recording) that is played.

This is why there is debate. :slight_smile:

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That would be me :slightly_smiling: I personally don’t like having this info, but attempts to remove them seems to get a lot of resistance (but this was a long time ago).

If the communities mindset has changed, I would LOVE to get rid of this type of info from my titles.

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Any chance you guy can look at this.
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I’ve also entered 2 edits to get a better feel of how the community feels about tie in info. If you guys could vote on the following edits :slightly_smiling:

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