Migrating 15 Years of MetaData from MusicBee to MusicBee Portable

My 1st query (authorization token for Picard) worked fine. It would have NEVER happened without the help of this fantastic community.

I’ve been using MusicBee for over 15 years, and scanning the database is fascinating.
Certain titles trigger all types of memories (good & bad). I would like to simplify my music setup, so I would like to migrate my music to Music Bee Portable. I seem to recall one or more posts on that subject. Could anyone point me to the area where that content might reside.

Appreciate any suggestions. If I recall, this is not a simple task.



MB usually means MuscBrainz, here.
So I have expanded MB to MusicBee, in this topic title, as I think it is what you meant, according to your opening post and to your other topic.

You’re welcome. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wouldn’t it be more likely on the MusicBee forum?

Maybe this?


Thanks Jesus,
I will check that out, and it will likely point to additional info.