Metronome: Proposal to merge subsidiaries/sister labels into one common label

I propose we merge these labels:

  1. metronome (Danish) or more correctly, Metronome Records A/S

  2. Metronome (Hamburg) aka Metronome Musik GmbH (spin off from Metronome Records GmbH)
    Metronome (Swedish label) or just simply Metronome - the original, “mother” of all these.

I have edited (titles, disambiguations, added info, etc) these labels and added other labels merely for AR purposes, such as:

with all respective connections between them all.

I was in the process of cleaning up entries wrongly attributed to metronome (Danish), aka Metronome Records A/S moving them out to Metronome. That’s when the confusion arised. So, I investigated and read up on the issue. And I have hardly any doubts this merge would be the best solution.
A discussion is welcome but extensive probably not necessary for I found this same discussion in a Discogs forum started 7 years ago already! Read here: Metronome vs. Metronome Records.
It’s a fascinating read where participants delved into books found online, history researched, logos and label design comparison and evolution, etc.
Bottom line, they decided to merge the labels;
(quote:) "three sister companies using the same label (brand), and so all these releases should be submitted under the same label."
It makes good sense and INMHO so should we.
What’s your say?

There are also “other” Metronome labels I haven’t looked into:
Metronome label search

and also this one called Metronome Records Pitch Control AB not in MBz I reckon.

my opinion is (but I am still new and learning MB, so my opinion may not be worth the bandwdith used to post it) —

If they have the same name (such as Metronome Germany and Metronome France), they can be merged. They are typically only named that way because of business/corporate laws across borders or distribution chains that denote where each one releases units, not because they are separate labels.

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It looks like each of the Metronome labels currently represents a record company + an imprint (a logo). If the imprint is shared across all three labels they could potentially be merged. But the record company relationships (copyrights, publishing, etc.) should first be moved out, once that’s done you can change each of the three label’s type field to imprint.

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I was in the process of cleaning up entries wrongly attributed to metronome (Danish), aka Metronome Records A/S moving them out to Metronome.

  1. metronome (Danish) or more correctly, Metronome Records A/S:
    1.1 I’m slowly checking the releases under this label (there’s only 12 left) if they’re correctly attributed and changing to Metronome (parent) — once completed, I now realize, will not be necessary to merge this one into ‘mother’ label. Will be kept for ARs such as copyright and manufacturing.
    1.2 Also edited label name Edit #46475918

  2. Metronome (Hamburg) aka Metronome Musik GmbH (see above links to MBz):
    2.1. Short History: expanded to West Germany in 1954 as Metronome Records GmbH. Then in 1977 the manufacturing department was split off into Metronome GmbH and the remaining marketing and distribution department was renamed to Metronome Musik GmbH. The company was shut down on December 31st 1996.
    2.2 These 3 all now exist in MBz, as you can see, plus Metronome (Hamburg) — which should’ve been named Metronome Records GmbH in the first place. The latter I propose to be merged remaining the other 3 for AR purposes. Respective disambiguation comment fields have been added with advisories.

This looks OK, except you’ve added Metronome Records AB as a subsidiary of Metronome (Sweden). As far as I understand it,
Metronome Records AB = A Swedish record company
Metronome (Sweden) = The imprint (or logo) of Metronome Records AB
They should be related using the imprint of relationship instead. Also, it would be better to cancel Edit #46475517 and instead change the label type of Metronome (Sweden) to imprint.

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Yes, I agree with you on both counts :slight_smile:
Should of used reverse direction (and of course it’s the company that owns the label not the other way 'round); has been corrected.
I think I read or over-read somewhere (can’t recall now, visited so many sites and added links to many edits) that they were into own production, but yeah, label is fine. Will change (after cancelling).

In the meantime, just found more work to do: many releases under Metronome Musik GmbH incorrectly attributed to this label…

OK all metronome (Danish) and Metronome Musik GmbH labels and ARs edited.
Metronome (Hamburg) ARs corrected as well.

Still awaiting more input from other editors :grimacing: