Meta question about Picard usage


I’m still working through getting tags for a backlog of new music, and tweaking my script to get it just right. As I’ve gone through posts, often people talk about doing large groups of tags at a time, and I started having thoughts. I’ve been thinking about Picard settings and scripts as “Set it, and Forget it!” I’m trying to get everything tweaked to perfection so that it does what I want for any specific case. This has led to some bit of analysis paralysis.

I’m curious to know how other users view their tags, and how they use Picard. Do you use Picard to tag files once, and then never again? Do you find a tweak for your tagging script, and then run the rest of your library through the tagger again to update existing files? Something in between?


I run all my files through Picard every few months, whether I’ve tweaked my script or not. That way it picks up any changes that editors have made since the last time.


Once you tag an already tagged release, it gets updated.