Merging to create a new release


I have a lot of Nimbus Records. They’ll release individual discs such as and and then later release as a two disc set with a combined catalog number like NI 7713/14.

Is there an easy way to merge these two discs into another single 2-disc release? Should it be a new release group?

Edit: i figured it out, of course. You just add two media and base them on the existing entries.


The answer to this is “Yes”, btw. You can link both release groups with the “included in” relationship.


Great. I made it it’s own release group, but i didn’t know about the “included in”. Thank you!

Do i need to add “included in” to the original 2 releases and add “includes” to this new release or does the system do that for me if i edit one of the sets?


Relationships are two way so you can do it either way.
One side will have X includes Y the other side will have Y is included in X.