Merging releases with different number of tracks

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Hi All,

I just found a duplicated release which I would like to merge to the correct one: (duplicate) (correct)

Notice that every detail is the same (release event, label, catalog no, Discogs link), just the number of tracks is different. I own this release, and actually there’s just one long track on the CD. The 13 tracks in the duplicate release probably come from botched Discogs import from

What is the right approach to proceed here? Should I merge all the 13 bogus tracks into the long one, fix the track listing and then merge the releases? Or is there another way?


You’re right it seems to come from bad/lazy Discogs import edit (it’s actually not super obvious that all these were sub track titles) and it does not contain any details that would come from a split rip (no fingerprints, no track length).

So you’re right you could merge as you explain.
But we could also just remove the release as well.

According to package, I think we could rename track and recording with multiple title style.


Thanks for your answer. I will proceed as I described. Recording merges are pending:

I think we could rename track and recording with multiple title style

Since this is one of our guidelines then I think we should, but I must say I don’t really like the way it looks. The way it’s presented in Discogs is much better IMO.

Would it be possible to somehow store the sub-titles for such long tracks as separate entities in the database, and display them in a way similar to Discogs? That would be a huge plus for readability. Has it been considered before? (I guess so, I can’t be the first person to come up with such idea).

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This might be what you’re asking for:

A somewhat related one, but the opposite (ie., instead of splitting one track into finer segments, allow to group multiple tracks into a larger group (e.g., “Bonus”)):

I added an edit to change the track listing of your found duplicate release, so that the two releases can get merged together:


That ticket has been on the tracker for a mere 7 years… needs to ripen for at least another 2 years before being taken seriously :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you everyone for your votes and additional edits. :+1:

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