Merging "Columbia Studios" into "CBS Recording Studios"

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Is it OK to merge “Columbia Studios” into “CBS Recording Studios”
According to these seem to be the same, except the current address of “55 Fifth Ave., NYC” in the “Columbia Studios” entry seems to be suspicious as there is no mention of it when googling.


If it’s no longer in existence (and has not been in existence for a long time), Google might not show the address. I’ve run into that roadblock quite a bit with old now-defunct buildings.


If you look at edit history, there is a page that says so, at least.

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IMO, a new location is enough to warrant a separate mb-place, and these should not be merged.

The Fifth Street studios did indeed exist :slight_smile: (example)


This point deserves a thread of its own. It’s great advice.

The edit notes are there for a reason. If you have questions about something, you should (in theory at least) be able to go back through the edit history and see why certain edits were made, what the supporting evidence was etc. (You can also ask follow-up questions in edit notes, assuming the original editor is still active).