Merger and split of LOEN Entertainment

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In 2016, LOEN Ent. was acquired by Kakao, and according to IR data, they changed their company name to Kakao M back in March 2018. Then, Kakao M was merged to Kakao wikipedia in September 2018 and new subsidiary named “EN Company” was renamed to the current name Kakao M. It seems like Kakao is still using Kakao M Corp (EDIT: I mean, the new, renamed company) for music distribution purposes as of now.

So, the question is:

  1. Should Kakao M (March 2018) entity reused for albums published after September 2018? Or…
  2. Should Kakao M (September 2018) be created for albums published after September 2018?



Sorry I don’t really help you but what is IR data?

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Investor Relation.

Basically think of it as if I looked up the regulator-published corporate register, submitted by the company.


I’m personally leaning towards option 2, if only because the two can always be merged later and everything will remain clean, but it’s a bit of a mess if you start adding everything to the one entity and decide later that it should really be split out. (Ie., it’s easy to go from option 2 to option 1, but it’s hard to go from option 1 to option 2.)

Option 2 also seems slightly more expressive.


Thanks, created edit#65161782 and new label.