Merged artists, but their relationship not merged

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Hi All,
Just noticed a strange thing, for Jan Amit artist there was 2 pages.

After I merged them in the master page now is

But their relationships seem not to be merged, because bandcamp murdos script show me two bandcamp pages referring to this artist: one that was merged and second that is master record now.


What can I do with this?


I think it is in your userscript cache for some days.
You can either clear the cache or wait a little bit.


I don’t use scripts or bandcamp, so I really don’t know what is going on. But I would like to point out…
When an entry is merged, the “dead” links are still kept active to prevent dead links. But what happens is, any click after page landing will take you to the new link.
So, technically, a bot will go to check a link and see that the old one is still current.


This really was the cache problem.
Clearing the cache helped me.
Thank you.