Members link_type

In link_type, there’s id 103, which has a reverse_link_phrase of this:

{additional} {original} {eponymous} members

Looking again at artist 303 (The Beatles, which is my test case), on the relationship page, I see that there are members and original members. How do I know which of the three attributes (or no attribute) I should use?

The definitions for each of these are in the documentation for the relationship.


Thanks. I’ve seen that page. But I don’t see anywhere that it explains how I know, doing a query, which of the attributes applies to the specific relationship. For example, how do I know that John Lennon is an original member of the Beatles, and not just a member of the Beatles?

I see how, if I was entering John Lennon, I’d tick the “original” attribute, but I’m talking about output, rather than input. Where is that tick stored?

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Oh, I see. If you’re using JSON, then each relationship in the response has its own attributes and attribute-ids section. If you’re using XML, each relationship in that response has an attribute-list. If you’re using SQL, then you need to look at link_attribute and join it to link.