Medley of different covers as one title

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The last track has a title but it’s really a medley of parts of different classic R&R tunes (Johnny B. Goode / Sweet Little Rock And Roller / Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On).

I assume the recording is a single entity but should relate to the separate works?

They played the same medley several times. The same recording has been used on several releases but a few other recordings exist as well.

How do I enter this correctly?


When you link the works, you can set if something is a “medley” in the same way you were ticking “live”


Just add multiple works to that one recording. Each time ticking “medley”.

Not sure how to enforcef the order. Think you can fix that from editing the Recording directly


Thanks, but I am no complete sure yet.

So something like this:

  • release: Good Ol’ Rock And Roll (title on the album)
    • linked to recording: Good Ol’ Rock And Roll
      • linked to work (live, medley): Johnny B. Goode
      • linked to work (live, medley): Sweet Little Rock And Roller
      • linked to work (live, medley): Blue Suede Shoes
      • linked to work (live, medley): Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going’ On

Or should Good Ol’ Rock And Roll be added as a work as well?

That is how I would do it. And that would be a live, cover, medley.


Probably, yes. Especially if as you said they performed it several times. You can use the work-work "medley relationship to link the original works.
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