Medium names are too long for my OS

I’m trying to get my media named which I just ripped using whipper. I had a couple of annoying issues because my ripper is properly calibrated to my BD-ROM drive offset and I’m guessing the author of the metadata that matches my own rip wasn’t so I had to manually link 4 CDs with my DiscIDs and also link matched tracks with different track lengths that were off by one second.
The issue now is that this release has medium titles that are significantly over 255 bytes in length. Is there a way to add such titles as additional commentary?
The release in question is

When and where do you hit this 255 bytes length limit? Usually that’s an issue only with certain filesystems, and it concerns file names.

Sadly almost all filesystems (including all of the ones used by major platforms by default) have a limit like this: Comparison of file systems - Wikipedia


Yes exactly this, both FAT32/NTFS, Linux and macOS have a 255 byte limit when creating files. In my specific case, I use brtfs which has a 255 byte limit. Even the latest APFS has a 255 UTF-8 character limit. The exception with Windows is that path names can be 32,767 characters and normally the medium names end up being a folder in windows.


Is this setting not working?

That setting is not directly related to the problem here. It deals with overall path length, which in the traditional Windows API is limited to 259 bytes (a limit that still applies by default even on Windows 11, but can be removed by a registry setting). On other OS there is usually not such a strict limit.

The post here is about length of individual path components, i.e. a fille or directory name. Those are limited on many file systems (including NTFS even on Windows with long path support enabled).


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