Media players supporting MusicBrainz

Displaying album cover art is a great visual way to show the usefulness of MusicBrainz. But the MusicBrainz Enabled Applications page seems to suggest that Kodi is the only Windows 10 program that supports MusicBrainz. Is there really nothing else?

It would be nice if the authors of other programs such as Media Player Classic and others, could be encouraged to use MusicBrainz, as musicians could see the benefit more easily.

How about any Android media player Apps?

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Please feel free to approach the developers of these and suggest it. :slight_smile:

I don’t know of any “MusicBrainz enabled applications” myself, apart from the ones already listed on that page.

(I’ve exchanged some brief(!) comments with some Haiku developers about getting MB integration into their native music player, but little has come of that so far.)


For cover art it’s really not necessary to write special integration with MusicBrainz because a lot of applications already pick up files called folder.jpg (and maybe others) next to the audio files themselves (at least they did ~8 years ago when I was still using windows :wink: ). So if you already use one of the taggers using MB data, you can hopefully make it just save cover art from the CAA as well.

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You could write ALL of the MB information and art to your local files and access them somehow, but it’s not quite as cool as just displaying whatever you want and having it all up to date with nothing stored locally - just an MBID in the files!

But that’s just a dream, don’t mind me :wink: