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What does TTFN mean?

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Ta Ta For Now! :face_with_monocle: Just a bit of humor my friend.

Unicode apostrophe standardization


You are not really telling me what it means here, @Llama_lover .
I am still not getting it.
I am not some old grumpy, I’m a fan of humour but we don’t share the same reference in various countries and languages so some jokes are hard to share.

I would probably understand more, among English stuff, the Monty Python stuff, because I have watched their films so many times. :rofl:

I don’t really know that :tiger: tiger (from Disney’s version of Jungle Book maybe, thanks @Billy_Yank) nor what it says.

For me, tata is an aunt.
I never understood the song title London Bye Ta Ta. But now I think I begin to understand slightly.
Tata would be some sort of funny bye bye.


It’s Tigger from Winnie the Pooh (in the disneyfied/lobotomised version I’m afraid).

But now you can say “Ta ta” to your tata, @jesus2099!

On the subject of ta: “ta” is also informal British for “thank you”.


… is also thank you. So what is the primary making of your tata in ttfn? Bye bye?


Yes, bye bye. I would personally never use it though.


Billy_Yank nailed my meaning of TTFN. As a Grandpasaurus, I have seen the video many times with my Grandchildren. “Thank you, bye bye”. It’s that simple, as am I.


According to

It’s a British interjection meaning goodbye. It was first recorded in the 1830’s and it’s origin is uncertain.