Abbreviations in community posts

:grinning: that works fine

There is a third-party plug-in for Discourse to automate this for everyone:

@Freso: Would it be possible to have it installed?

(Official Discourse plug-in seems to be currently broken.)


What does AIUI mean?

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What has happened to mon Capitaine’s pursuit of mystery and romance?
Any answer I give, if truthful and at all transparent, will reduce the mystery and romance of my post.

Je refuse!

Your request can only be some sort of test of my commitment to our cause.

AIUI - Wiktionary, the free dictionary - as I understand it

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Hi @ClA_psHydra, can you still turn your first post into a wiki post, or had the time limit part already?

We could use that post to collaboratively add all acronyms in alphabetical order.

Oh thanks @Freso for the post/topic clean-up!

I’d prefer to use the actual wiki for this, rather than using community posts, or maybe using the plugin @yvanzo found (will look into it soon!).

“TTFN” (Ta ta for now) and “AIUI” are ‘standard’ internet abbreviations/acronyms and not really MB specific. For MusicBrainz specific things:

As said earlier in the topic, I’d be happy to discuss how to clean these up/organise them better/otherwise improve them.


What’s CAA? :confused:

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CAA = Cover Art Archive


In edit notes, where I do use lots of abbreviations, I put them between square brackets, so that they link to the wiki: [AC]AC.


I wasn’t very happy with the plugin @yvanzo found earlier, so I asked in the thread for the plugin that apparently doesn’t work anymore, and Sam Saffron replied there pointed to a “theme component” that might be easily portable to do essentially the same thing. So I ported it to do essentially the same thing, and this thread is a perfect example of how it works. :slight_smile:

You can see the code in action here:

Feel free to continue posting in here if you come across other abbreviations that you don’t understand!


Some more acronyms!
WP -> Wikipedia
(similarly WD for WikiData)
Op can also be “opus number” which is relevant to classical music.
AFAIK -> As Far As I Know
AR -> Advanced Relationship
rel -> relationships/Advanced Relationship
AFK -> Away from Keyboard
SAR -> Stand-alone recording
cat# -> Catalogue number
GSoC -> Google Summer of Code
GCI -> Google Code-In


And SAR (stand alone recording) is NGS (next generation schema) term for NAT (non album track) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Suggestions by @CatQuest and @jesus2099 have been added.


:memo: FTR: for the record

With punctuation it does not see the acronyms: CAA? is NG while CAA is OK. :slight_smile:

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Progressively I recall some other abbreviations I may usually use (with [WikiLink] for documented MB terms) in my edit notes.

  • COC: Code of conduct
  • ETI: Extra title information
  • JAN ≈ EAN ≈ bar code
  • MBID: MusicBrainz identifier
  • OHP: Official homepage (of an artist, label, etc.)
  • TOC: (CD) table of content — cf. DiscID?
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@Freso, I can’t say I really understand the plugin code but maybe in the below row, we should use more something like to catch full words, whatever the surrounding is, spacing or any kind of punctuation:

new RegExp("(\\b)+" + escapedWords + "(\\b)", "ig");

Instead of:

new RegExp("(\\s|^)+" + escapedWords + "(([:.;,]+(\\s|$))|\\s|$)", "ig");
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IMO: In my opinion. :slight_smile:

The code is available on GitHub – PRs are welcome. :slight_smile: