[MBS-10889] Allow links to digital music services on Special Purpose Artists

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I’ve run into this issue frequently when importing Various Artists releases via marlonob’s seeder.
I’ve wondered why this is the case; the most plausible answer I can come up with is to prevent spam or takeovers.
Any thoughts/suggestions?


The external tool should be fixed if it causes issues on special purpose artists.
A hard coded list of special purpose artists to not add things to, for example.

I don’t see why we should link those entities to links, what links for example?

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Links to iTunes, Spotify and Deezer, in particular.
If any more services are added to the seeder, those will have to be factored in as well.

You mean we need this kind of links?

Aren’t they uninteresting?

For the purpose of importing releases, yes.
I mostly wanted them for compatibility purposes. If the community decides they’d rather the seeder be configured to ignore such artists, then so be it.

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