MB translators : Transifex : How to activate Watch setting

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In your Transifex settings you can set e-mail notifications when a resource in one of your projects is updated. That usually means new strings to translate.

As for the lack of community in Transifex, I’d encourage everyone to make topics for any translation questions here. After all you’ll also find people here who might know answers but are not active on Transifex.

Most style guidelines don’t change for years. A solution might be to only show a translated guideline when it is up to date.


@mfmeulenbelt - odd, but everything is ticked. And yet nothing arrives. I’ll kick again. (I don’t want to drag off topic.)

Sorry, that one sentence went off topic. Now this has been split I’ll continue that question below.


How about you split this discussion off - maybe something like “MB translators and Transifex: Exciting times!”

I think Transifex is a very important topic and needs to be made more visible.
And that invigorating Transifex is the sensible thing to explore around getting “organic growth” into other languages happening.

I was trying to make a real point that translating the current languages needs to be more focused before putting resources into the more exotic language. That seemed very relevant to the original thread.

I will splice my post for you so my question about the translation options stays here so the rest can go back where it makes sense.

I also have no idea what your new title means. It seems misleading for my mistake of asking for assistance in the wrong place.

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These options are all ticked

ALL the way down that page they are ticked.

Is it the Watches I need to do something with? I can’t work out how to set a “watch” from a project page.

I have managed to successfully do plenty of edits in the English (British)(Canada)(Australia) sections, but the rest of the site is all a little confusing. Any help at knowing what I haven’t clicked would be appreciated.

Okay… found the WATCH setting. And wow are they are they trying to hide that. :laughing: It was a tiny light grey eye icon making it hard to see. NOW I am fine and should hear about the updates properly.

In case anyone else has the same problem - this is the tiny grey icon that is easy to miss.


I have all the boxes checked too and I never got any notification :thinking:
But I know there must’ve been changes, because I regularly switch the MB language to check if there are new untranslated strings.

Thank you @IvanDobsky, seems like my answer outdated while typing :wink:


Yay!! Glad my little confusion helped you @kellnerd.

That setting is so bizarrely hidden. And I have a big screen here I work on.

Even once set it is still hard to see.

but now it appears under my Watches on the Notification page. Previously that page was blank.



Thank you for finding that setting @IvanDobsky. I guess I’m lucky that that was already switched on for me.

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The daft thing is that I cannot see any logic for defaulting it to off in the first place.

The fun of GUI design…

I expect there is a lot of translators who never return because of that setting.

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Transifex does have some UI elements and functions that seem to be bolted onto it, like the concordance search that takes the place of the history, glossary tabs etc. That button is probably pretty new and was left to “on” for existing users but not new ones.

But then again we should be used to that way of UI design here. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can contact them for suggestions.

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Okay - so here is the next question for fellow Transifexians - now some of you are showing your heads :grin:

I only speak English (GB)(AUS)(CAN). I dived in to translate words like “Colour” back to a proper spelling.

The reality is that 90% of the words and phrases stay in the English (US). To aid in clarity I deleted huge swathes of “translated” text where there was no differences.

For British, Australian, Canadian this now makes it much clearer to see the actual translated text.

This seems to have confused the Transifex stats as now those English languages are showing as “untranslated”.

Is there any way I can leave a loud message \ note at the top of these English language files to explain why 90% of the text isn’t there? Or mark text as “not needing translation”?

Haha - maybe not. I come from the GUI designs of the 1990s/2000s. The modern layouts with their confusing little symbols are not my style. So they don’t want to hear from me.

I’ll keep my energies for helping the MB project spell “colour” correctly.


further off-topic:
“modern layouts with their confusing little symbols”
The negative utility of these for humans with vision impairment is huge. This is not the place to share my emotions and social analysis around UI designers who impose this stuff on people who are vision impaired.

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Some feedback after two weeks: Now that @IvanDobsky has found the Watch button for me, I regularly receive Transifex notfications about new content :hugs:

Are there also notifications when someone comments your translation or opens an issue? I’m wondering, because so far I never got any reactions on comments/issues I leave :thinking:

An example: In Picard translations I spotted a typo in an original string and opened an issue, it’s this one. Has someone of the developers received a notification on that - maybe @outsidecontext - or is Transifex the wrong place to report mistakes?

Edit: Now that it’s fixed, the link is dead.

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I’ve never seen much interaction on issues, so it’s probably better to ask these questions in this forum.


I don’t know if it’s possible to receive notifications for comments on transifex, but at least I don’t receive any. So best would be to report here or on tickets.musicbrainz.org.

Thanks for reporting, I’ll fix the typo

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Thanks for clarification, then I’m going to duplicate my issues in the future.

I’ve just received a notification mail from Transifex:

You’ve been mentioned in a string comment

It seems like @mentioning helps to trigger notifications, so this is another possibility to get attention.

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