MB instrument for credited 'mallets'?

Junior Gill hits all kind of things with his mallets, e.g. vibraphone, marimba and steel pan - known for this album:

There are printed per-track credits, but on tracks he used more than one of his instruments, only ‘mallets’ are mentioned.

But mallets is no MB instrument - what should be chosen? Percussion? Other instrument? I picked ‘percussion idiophone’, because of the explanation, but I’m not really happy with it, and it is probably not what was meant by the credit.

I would be grateful for suggestions!

I’d pick “percussion” and rename it “mallets”. That is the more generic term as an idiophone will be too limited to something specific.

If I know that one track has an identifiable Marimba or steel pan heard, then I’d add that in as well. I have done this with a few albums as it is fun to listen and find the details by ear. Or some extreme reading up on “How I made this album” notes. No problem having multiple types of percussion listed on a track.

(But I may not be the best to ask as I’d never select membranophone as it is not a word I have ever heard used outside of this site)


Me too, … I think about adding additional instruments, although if I hear steelpan and marimba, that’s probably what was credited as ‘mallets’

… and it’s 99% wrong, … although if ‘drums & percussion’ is credited, it probably means real drums (membranophones) and percussion = a drums set :crazy_face:

I would put both for this guy. If he is making a point of using his “mallets” in the credits, then I’d make sure to give them a nice loud credit along with any instrument he is hitting with them.

When I see that word, I just imagine the drummer sitting there playing a Kazoo.

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(nothing more to say) :laughing:

… and ‘percussion idiophone’ isn’t any better. Since I cannot identify all his instruments, I will fall back on percussion[mallets].