Master thread: Is my IP blocked / IP blacklisted / VPN blocked / QNAP / Can't connect to / Picard doesn't work on home network

I’m having the same issue accessing the site and using Picard. My IP is

Thanks in advance for any help!

@Lewisham yes, this IP was blocked on our side, you should now be able to access our services. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you, all good for now!

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Hey I am using a VPN which has recently been blocked by musicbrainz. I am unable to either browse the website or use Picard whilst VPN is active.

Anything changed recently?

What’s your external IP? I can check.

Thanks Zas, its in the range of REDACTED

It happens there are multiple IPs in this block that were in online blacklists. I updated ours.
Check if you can connect now.

Next time, please provide the exact IP.

Perfect thanks a lot! Works now

I have the same problem
I just uninstalled the music station from my Qnap, so it shouldn’t be a problem anymore
my ips (not sure which one is used) are


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your IP was blocked, I just removed it, so you should now have access to all our services.
Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for uninstalling music station from your QNAP device.

BTW, I’m curious about which version it is (hardware/OS).


thanks, it’s working now
its a TS-859U with QTS 4.2.6 (I think there isn’t any update for the firmware on this model)

Thanks again

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I used to have a QNAP device, but got rid of it. Now I’d like check out musicbrainz :slight_smile:
Thank you!!

Yes, your IP was blocked. You should have access to all our services now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks, its working now :slight_smile:


Can you check
please ?

This IP isn’t blocked on our side.


It seems my home’s IP address has been blocked by musicbrainz as well. Can you unblock my IP address? I’m using Picard/MP3Tag infrequently, so I must have some background service on a server that has caused the issue. I’ll try and do some digging to figure this out . . . my IP address:


It appears this IP isn’t blocked on our side. What happens exactly? Can you ping (or even better traceroute)

Thanks for checking, Zas.

Yep - it looks like traffic stops at my gateway - I’ll dig into the router and see what’s going on there. Thanks so much!!

Hey :slight_smile: how about


If I am blocked … Is there a way to find out why i have been blocked? I read about rate limiting, am setting a user agent and have a ratelimit and a ratelimit_interval.