Mass editing userscripts?

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Are there any userscripts for adding recording or event relationships for many releases and release groups? Mainly I like to add instrument relationships to all (live) recordings of a tour (= release group series).

It’s probably a very Peter Gabriel-specific necessity. Most artists do not have many releases with unvaried personal, but I thought, I better ask before starting. And in fact I will probably leave it and add all information to the Annotation of the Series instead, but this would be quite unsatisfying. At least information would be kept, because it’s not noted on the cover. :roll_eyes:

Today I spotted Linnea Olsson and Jennie Abrahamson as “supporting act” of a show and I thought, they should be added to nearly all of the events from the Back to Front Tour(s). The core personal (instrument) is unchanged for all of the series. It would be wonderful to edit one event in detail and spread it over the whole series. :yum:

Back to reality! Every hint how this could be done as efficient as possible, would be highly appreciated.

And really: the supporting act would be lost as it would not be noted on a “regular” (edited) live album, even there is (was) one. “Supporting act” is a funny expression for artists very much promoted by the by the “supported” main artist.


AFAIK there is no userscript for such cases. The main problem is that MB itself has no editing interface to edit multiple releases or RGs at once, so there is no easy way for a script to achieve this. Most of the scripts I’m using are written by @jesus2099, @loujin and @Bitmap, maybe they can provide more information about the possibilities.

But you’re not the only one who would like to have a userscript to copy relationships between similar releases. Recently I even thought about writing one myself some day, but currently I have too little time for such an ambitious project.


Thanks for your not too promising information.

I have added it to the RG Series Annotation (for Back to Front until now). Seems to be a good place from where it can be added to the proper items later. For the 2012 series¹ I even researched appearances by special guests, who would not be represented by a relationship.

¹) don’t think it will be visible right now, use Edit #68349103 - Add series annotation