Mass edit relationships does not work as expected

Trying to correct relationships at this release:

Trying to change performer to conductor. Recordings of CD 6 to CD 19 are marked. Clicking on performer and set " Change credits for other relationships on the page" does not have any effect. Checked “All of these relationships”, “Only relationships to recording entities” or “Only “performer” relationships to recording entities”.

Same for orchestra (wrong artist).

What I’m doing wrong? Any hints?


As far as I know this option can only change the credited name (e.g. to apply the same artist alias everywhere), not the other relation attributes.
So you’re not doing anything wrong, there’s just nothing in the standard interface to do what you want. There are userscripts that can help but nothing that applies easily to your case.

So I did it directly with a javascript command (slight modification from this script), please check this is correct

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Thanks. Installed your script for further cases.

Removed wrong performer and added correct one manually.