Mariama / Frida Mariama Touray

As far as the artist

her legal name Frida Mariama Touray seems the most used; at the moment it appears in the alias tab: is it possible to swap the current name with the legal name, moving the current name as an alias?

I don’t even see this full name used at all:

From the Aliases page you linked.


Discogs has more from this artist and it seems Frida Touray is used quite often.
It’s always possible to swap names anyway, yes.
There is just too little data in MB to decide which name is most suitable, for me (only old name is used at the moment on our music related entities).
So please list your reasons (official site, maybe) in the edit notes.

Most of her social media links use the 3 names.
And on other sites around the web, there are numerous variations of her name.