Mannual tagging help


Guys I need help. Whenever I manually tag a song, the save button grays out thus preventing me from saving. How can I solve this problem? Please badly need help


What exactly do you do?


The problem that I’m facing is circled in red.


You have no tracks on the right side (that’s why it says 0/1). You need to drag the appropriate track to the release entry on the right before there’s anything to save :slight_smile:


I’m a big noob. Still can’t find release entry :frowning:


How am I supposed to add in release entry??? Please help


Hi, welcome to MusicBrainz!

If you’ve tried looking up files or recordings in your web browser, and still couldn’t find what you’re looking for, then the next step is to add the missing information to the MusicBrainz database.

If you have questions about how to do that, please ask :slight_smile:


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Still not quite sure what you mean with “manual tagging”. Maybe some basics: on the left side you see the files you have added to Picard, which are not yet matched to MusicBrainz metadata. On the right side you see data loaded from MusicBrainz. You can’t save anything there if you don’t have files added to it. If you use lookup or scan on the unmatched few on the left, Picard will load the corresponding data from Musicbrainz and move the files from the left to the right. If it does not find anything or matches wrongly, you can drag and drop files from the left to the proper release on the right.


I think we’re talking about two different things? To me,

Manual Lookup would be searching MusicBrainz in the browser (Lookup in browser command)

Manual Tagging would be editing the values of your tags directly in the lower pane of Picard. (What I think of as the “preview” pane)

edit: ah, @aerozol came to the same conclusion, “tag preview”


The “release entry” @reosarevok is talking about is the Release being shown in the right hand pane: