Lookup in browser does not work


I’m also experiencing some trouble while tagging tracks manually.

I hit the “Lookup in Browser” Button and there, if it got my track, I hit the “Tagger” Button. Then Picard shows a “1” at the green ‘dowload’ arrow next to “Listening on Port 8000”. But nothing happens then.

What am I doing wrong?

Mannual tagging help

Pleas do not hijack other threads with unrelated problems, create new topics for this.

Regarding your issue: What should happen is that Picard loads the album metadata in the right pane. If this does not work have a look at Help > Show error / debug log and post the output here.

Also look at the following thread:



I’m sorry – I don’t understand how I have hijacked another thread. Clearly
I do not understand how this forum works. I have had messages rejected for
having more than one image, and apparently also posted my email address at some
point. I’m only trying to get Picard to work but am clearly getting something
wrong, and thought this forum might help me.

I still can’t match my files against the tracks by dragging them onto the loaded release. The loaded files show the music symbol, and the unmatched files show a stop sign and won’t match.

I think I will give up at this point, but thank you very much for all your help.


That’s not about you, but DBocksteger posted his issue on another thread and I separated the threads. I just linked to your thread for reference of a similar issue.


That’s new information you haven’t given before. A red stop sign means some kind of error. Please paste the output of Help > View Error / debug log and we can hopefully figure out the cause.


This is the debug log.


Hi @outsidecontext,

thanks for splitting my question in a different thread and sorry for asking in the first thread. Thought my problem could be similar.

I’ll check the error logs later today an will give the workaround a try :slight_smile:

Thank you and have a nice day!