Made in EU \ EEC \ Europe

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When a CD is manufactured, or the paperwork printed, there has been a tendency to be lazy and just print “Made in EU”. Problem is there is no way to correctly select this as an area.

The closest to select is “Europe”, but that is clearly wrong as the EU \ EEC is only a small club within that continent which has changed in membership over the years.

I assume the “Printed in EU” is clearly a quick way of covering multiple printing plants whilst staying with import taxes. Can we get an EU option to select in the countries please?

Then the question is - can the database work out the ever changing members of that club depending on year… but that is a different puzzle. :wink:




Thanks - I thought someone would have mentioned it before. 2016 is quite young for a ticket.

Haha - just added another one and learnt the “Eu” is actually a town in France. I assume they have a big printing press there. :rofl:


Yes, I too learnt of Eu that way.

The system also needs quite some effort to get Stockholm (capital of Sweden) before that appropriating US tiny town Stockholm (in “South Dakota […] The population was 108 at the 2010 census.”) that is not even the one in New York state (population of 3 665).

One might expect at least capitals to have systemic precedence over other namesakes.

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Haha - not a chance. In the MB search world the best match is always at the bottom. Why else do tracks like “breathe” and “Money” never appear when trying to link works. Instead you get “money money money” come up as first match?!?

But it will not automatch recordings unless you delete at least that last ‘y’.

I know it’s technically wrong, but I select Europe and put EU in the credited as field, now that you can on areas.

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@tigerman325 - yeah, that is what I do too. Or EEC if it is older vinyl. I doubt there is anything in the database where “Made in Europe” actually means the whole of Europe. I don’t think I have seen that printed on any Release I have handled. It would not make sense due to the different tax rules in and outside the EU.