Lynk5 : The MusicBrainz Recommender Engine

Hi, I have created a Recommender Engine called Lynk5 that is already using items from another open-library (TGDB) and was wondering if you guys would see from a good eye if I would add MusicBrainz as input to the Engine.

Here you can find 3 videos presenting the Engine in its current instance :

& Overview

Getting Recommendations


Do not hesitate to mail me.


Looks interesting. As long as you abide by our data license, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to add it. Note that if you expect to monetize off the use of our data, that we’d far prefer if you’d sign up on like our other supporters (actually, please do this even if you do not - we have a “non-profit” tier as well and we love to show off people who use our data for interesting stuff!).

I’m not much involved with the business side of things though, so maybe @Rob or @chrisskye will have additional thoughts from the official side of the project. :slight_smile:

Speaking non-officially, I’m curious if it’d be possible to sync up with the 5-star ratings we already have in MusicBrainz. Would be amazing if Lynk5 could import that ratings we have already made, as well as being able to “send back” ratings made on Lynk5 to MusicBrainz.

Will users “own” their own data, or how are you handling data licensing?


Sounds interesting, would Iove to know more about it. Unfortunately the first two of your videos are marked as unavailable to me. The first one for no given reason, the second one due to licensing issues with the music used (a really annoying stupidity here in Germany)

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Thanks for your answer, it’s always nice to find reactive communities members.

I’m aware that you are a non-profit organization and totally subscribe to it. One of the avowed goals of Lynk5 is to make communities effort like MusicBrainz more visible and allow a two-ways communication like hinted by the videos. At the moment the Recommender Engine is only at an Alfa stage and started with The Games Database open community that you can acquaint here :

Albeit being young, they share several similarities with MusicBrainz. I earlier already worked with TheMovieDatabase (TMDB) for the creation of a Recommender Engine prototype (actually two, one focused on collaborative filtering and another hybrid version bringing semantics into play) and am interested to enlarge the scope to others communities alike. I have also browsed your conditions and find them totally reasonable and may come back to you eventually once the thousands of things that need my attention will be solved.

At Lynk5 we like open communities like MusicBrainz and want to contribute in our way by providing relevant, fun, agile and free recommendations that people may like.

Thx again for your answer.



Too bad you couldn’t watch the videos, they indeed contain song extracts that are credited in the descriptions in total compliance with the tacit fair-use agreement.

I unfortunately cannot help you to find a way to watch them. I’m sure you understand.

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Greetings! I’m Christina (chrisskye) and I help with Business Relations at MetaBrainz.

As Freso suggested above, it would make me happy if you wouldn’t mind signing up as a non-profit user via the sign-up button on our main page. If you have a logo, we’ll post it on our supporters page.