Looking to hire someone to organize my music library


I am a fan of what you MusicBraniz created. I donated to the cause.

What I am searching for is to hire or commission someone to organize my music for me and once done help me to stay on track as I add new music.

I think once my music library is organized I wont feel so overwhelmed that I can then do it myself as I add new albums.

Can you send me in the right direction? Can you help?

Thank you



be very careful asking for something like that as you could end up with something you dont won’t like a virus / trogen. and putting your email on here is a bad idear as any one can see it


I think as long as they’re a bit careful checking who to pick for this, it shouldn’t be that bad :slight_smile: Only difficulty is that I guess this would be hard to do online so it should probably be somebody in their area.

That is a fair point, I might suggest people to contact you through your MusicBrainz profile instead, which hides your email, @mlbottero :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.
I guess I am a bit over my head.


Thank you looking out for me!


Yeah - as @st3v3p says - delete that email address. It will be a massive spam magnet otherwise.

You’ll need to give a few more details.

  • How many albums?
  • Where is the music from - ripped from CDs, or random downloads?
  • Which OS - Mac, Windows, Linux, other?
  • What do you want to use the music with? Just on the PC or sharing to other devices?
  • Do you think iTunes is a music program?
  • Do you playback on real speakers or just cheap headphones?

Basically waffle more about how you use your music, and rough collection sizes. then you’ll more likely see if someone is interested.

My day job is IT, my hobby is my music collection.

It is the kind of thing I have done for people in the past. Though the best way is to teach you how better to deal with it all. No one has the “correct” answer. It is all about a solution that fits your needs.

You are certainly correct that the initial bulk is probably easier farmed out - but also making those early mistakes means you learn more.

I spend my day connected to people worldwide solving daft issues with them. So being somewhere else on the planet is not an issue - just a case of juggling time zones. Remote access tools and fast broadband make this a small planet.

Once we narrow down your needs, there are many things you should be able to do yourself. Though I also understand the need to “pay to make it work now” idea. If you have the patience, there is a HUGE amount of free help already on this forum.

We can get you a solution, but first we need to know the details of YOUR collection. :slightly_smiling_face:


I saw your comment on this post and was wondering if you open to organising my music library by genres?
It’s all a mixture of electronic music /house/techno/breaks and then low fi, soul, funk and more they are all MP3 files and after some discussion we could figure out what genres/folders - i have 4300 tracks. Is this something you would be interested in doing, paid obviously! I would love to learn from seeing what exact songs fit into each genre and from the point of organisation keep it tidy!

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