Looking for info on rare(?) Led Zeppelin bootleg

Titled “Earl’s Court 75”, with three CDs. Notable difference from any other version of this bootleg (most of which have one CD or LP) is that Disc 1 Track 1 is “Rock and Roll” and “Sick Again” together as a single 12:26 long track. Haven’t found any such release on Musicbrainz or Discogs.

What about this list? The Concert Database - Led Zep, Earls Court, 1975

I find they are pretty good at their range when covering Pink Floyd. Quite a few matching your named concert, but can’t directly see something showing the two tracks combined. Do you have any artwork with it? Most of those in that list are using 4 CDs, but there are a few with 3.

Here’s two databases that you can use:

They both mainly focuses on silver and CDr bootlegs so you’ll probably not find much fan made or digital releases there. Both have 8-10 releases with similar to titles to the one you’re looking for. Also remember that it’s common with typos and similar on these type of releases, so the back cover might not match the content on the CD.