Longtime Discogs worker bee wants to contribute, but…

…while I have brain, it is clear that the purpose, architecture, and methods MusicBrainz use are substantially different than Discogs.
In real life, I am a Technical Support Specialist for a large company. The product I support (for almost 20 years now) is immensely complex. I am used to understanding how something works without having coding skills. Our developers use Jira and GitHub, neither of which I have more than a passing acquaintance with.
My profile at Discogs is cartologist. My interests are in cataloging classical music. 5 years ago I decided to switch from “popular” music (meaning popular 30 to 60 years ago) and dive headfirst into classical. While the entry cost is substantial, the rewards have been immense.
Where can I go to learn more?



Hello and welcome to a place that sees music more important than sales data. :rofl:

Like Discogs, we have guidelines. Unlike Discogs we won’t quote some obscure forum post from 10 years ago.

Dive in, break stuff, and ask someone to help correct it. I’ll be honest, Classical just confuses me as there are separate rules there. Have a poke around and look at how releases are already laid out.

Also make sure you can see where the Edit History is (on the right) so you can see if there any any edits open and waiting votes. And make sure you know where your own edit history can be found (on the menus at the top) so you can see if you are getting votes, comments, etc.

We are different to Discogs, but just like over there we love the data and documenting stuff.

Any confusions just ask in the forum. Someone should be able to find an answer.


welcome to MusicBrainz, @cartologist ~

I will add to the official style guidelines above, a masterpost here on the forums…

…or if you want a shorter guide, there’s @Hawke’s introduction