Long suite with parts

This is an LP that has titles for all parts of a long suite:

This is a CD release that has a track index for just the two long suites:

I linked the parts of the suites to the original titles (which have their own works), but is “compiles” the right way to do this?

I can also think of creating a work for Lado A and Lado B and link the parts there.


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I think you should gather all parts (the complete suite) in a work, and use the relationship “part of” between the complete suite, and the individual parts.
On the LP, it will be shown that each part “is part of” the complete suite.

Then on the CD you can link each recording to the complete suite, and tag them as “partial”.

“Lado” isn’t a title, it just means “side” and refers to the sides of the original LP.
the title of the suite would be “Más allá de tu mente”

I think the correct way to enter the CD tracklist would be:

  1. Más allá de tu mente: En su busca - En el tiempo - …
  2. Más allá de tu mente: Su presencia - Irrealidad - …
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