Long lists of countries in Edit Checks

When I scroll through my Subscribed Edits it is really nice that those long list of countries are hidden in these edits:

REALLY nice feature to click “show 176 more”

But how do we get the same to happen on this type of edit?

This is wearing out my scroll wheel. :rofl: Especially if there are a string of a dozen of these on the same page. Those lists are five screens long!



As these are edits that change the country list, it would be difficult to hide it… :thinking:
I found a way to hide DL albums for me, but I found no way to hide edits on DL albums…

Or if you don’t really care about release event edits made on releases with too many countries, you can use a user stylesheet with Stylus:

tr.release-events-diff > td > ul {
	max-height: 16em;
	overflow-y: auto;

you can adjust the max-height it can be 250px or anything you like.


I may have to work out how that Stylus thing works. It is not that I don’t care about these, but I have no way to check data like this. There is only a single source of this data. Nothing to check it against. And it is always an AE edit. So just lots and lots of scrolling.

The “show 2000 more” is such a nice feature it would be really nice to see it put onto these other long country lists to make them equally skippable.

I would love to see the stats. I bet NOONE has ever voted no to that country list change.

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Even if for you it’s only a workaround, here is how to do it:

  1. Install Stylus extension on your browser
  2. Go to any MusicBrainz page
  3. Click the Stylus extension icon
  4. Locate the Write a style for… section (or some approaching text, mine is in French)
    Below, there is a simple view of your current page URL: test.musicbrainz.org/thisURL
  5. Click musicbrainz, so that your custom/user style applies to all the domain
    For other needs, you could restrict to test subdomain, or to thisURL specifically.
  6. In the new empty use stylesheet, paste the example code I gave

Much thanks. That is a nice neat solution that is going to save my scroll wheel.

Trouble was when there were six or seven of these on a page I’d end up scrolling the page too fast and miss other edits in between. A neat fix. Thank you.

Edit lists were (IIRC) specifically left alone when we added the collapsing because for edits, it seems that all should be seen by someone voting on the edit.

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Yeah, I get when someone voting on it would need to see it. But that is also true of the other edit I gave as an example.

In this situation, these are never voteable edits. And I know of no other source to cross check the data with except the source that was used. And I trust @tigerman325 to have these correct. So I just needed to be able to buzz past five screen-fulls of countries to see stuff I could respond to. @jesus2099 has tamed my screen for me now. :smiley:

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It’s still true because even non votable edits, we’d like to see the main purpose of every edits.

(LOL - another tangled words day. Sorry :crazy_face:.). What I meant was these are 5 screen-fulls of data I can’t comment on. Five whole screens to be scrolled past of data per edit I always take on trust. Having Pink Floyd on your Subscribed lists can lead to a lot of checking some days ( https://musicbrainz.org/artist/83d91898-7763-47d7-b03b-b92132375c47/edits )

Don’t get me wrong. I check everything I can. It is just impossible to check those huge long lists for errors. Also they change often, and with Floyd they are split in to two due to the Sony \ Polygram territory deals. Then multiple by the number of variations of audio (MQA, 44kHz, 96kHz, etc) and you’ll get a list like that eight times per release. I don’t know how @tigerman325 does it. He must see flags in his sleep as he is on a heroic never ending set of edits there. :slight_smile:

Your solution is a perfect one. Now I can scroll the lists when I want to look at them, but can skip past them when I want to focus on other things.

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Sorry, lol. I wish there was a way to collapse them in the edits as well. Most of them are just adding countries and not taking away, so it’d be cool to just show what countries were added and not all the existing ones.


Thanks! This will work great.


I’ll send you the bill for new scroll wheel… :rofl: It makes me laugh how long the Subscribed pages can become some days.

As usual, a scripture from @jesus2099 is our saviour…


I have updated the code to overflow-y: auto; as it’s better than overflow-y: scroll; it will display scrollbar only if needed!

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