Localized area names

[quote=“Wheeljack, post:16, topic:199906”]Switzerland as the Swiss Confederation
What about the 4 official languages spoken in Switzerland (and the additional Latin where the ISO 3166 code ‘CH’ is coming from), calling the same country

Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft  (German)
Confédération suisse  (French)
Confederazione Svizzera  (Italian)
Confederaziun svizra  (Romansh)
Confoederatio Helvetica (CH)  (Latin)

Yes, what about them? Aliases have locales, if you haven’t noticed yet.

Thanks for your always friendly answers, chirlu :wink:

I’m confused about where we will see what kind of country names?

The initial edit from @reosarevok actually has 7 Yes- and 8 No-Votes, not exactly what you interpret as

Since everyone is clearly in favour of using the names mandated by the governments

I’m wondering if anyone will ever search for “Repulic of Korea” (knowing that this is not Kim’s kingdom) instead of “Korea” finding the two expected entries “Korea (South)” and “Korea (North)”.

The same for Switzerland. Which one of the 6 possible official names do I have to use to find CH?

Example-Search: Search results - MusicBrainz
Why should “Königstein” results with 100 score points, if I’m looking for “schweiz”?
Where do you see “schweiz” at all in the result?
→ Yes I know, that “Switzerland” means “Schweiz”…

Indeed, the search page only displays the English name. This is a known issue, not only for areas, reported in MBS-972 and MBS-7646. See also MBS-7830 for a larger improvement of aliases.

Meanwhile, you will find Schweiz alias in the Aliases tab of Switzerland Area.

If you look at a Swiss Artist page and set the UI language to Deutsch, Schweiz is displayed too.


Yes, I’m always friendly when people do their research first (so as to not waste my time with answering things they could have found out themselves) and don’t simply hijack some vaguely related topic for completely different issues.

Any of them, except for the Latin one. Of course, a location editor could add “Confoederatio Helvetica” as an alias, and then you would be able to search by it, too.

Can you find out? This is what I mean by doing your own research. :wink:

Well, there you have your answer. But actually, you will find it called “Schweiz” on the direct search result page and in fact everywhere the area is referenced, except in indexed search (because the search server doesn’t serve the necessary information for that). Assuming, of course, you have set the interface language to German.

Nyah, that’s not quite right. Areas (and instruments) are special-cased in that they display a translated name; that name is fetched not from the aliases, however, but from the translation string database – so in the end from Transifex, which in turn was (for countries) seeded from some public database, I believe. The long-term goal would of course be to implement MBS-972 and then remove this special treatment for areas and instruments.

And as I briefly mentioned above, that area names aren’t translated on (indexed) search result pages is a different issue. It is caused by the area entity not being loaded from the database, but being created on data retrieved from the search server alone. Related issues are MBS-6594 and MBS-7128.