"Live" in titles

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. But seriously, it was either necrobump or new post, flip a coin.

I noticed a newbie try to slap ’ - live’ on the end of all the tracks of a live album, and they were appropriately advised to look at the style guide. But. In my experience this is a bit scattershot so I haven’t felt confident to file edits to remove Live from track titles where I see it. Is it true that it should not be all over the place, and it would be considered A Good Thing to remove them? Two pretty obvious examples from my library that probably even have my pawprints on them.

(Actually if people have recommendations for the punctuation in the release titles, I can align those too.)

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On both of those the “(live)” & “(live at Gruene Hall)” should be removed from the track listing & recordings to avoid redundancy. This info should be added to the recordings disambiguation if not already there following guidelines.



OK, I rewrote the Sophie, guide me everyone if I fouled anything up. I documented a lot of the work relationships (those went in immediately), but a few of the songs I don’t know.

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