Live Compilation?

Pallas are releasing archive recordings like this:

Live recordings from multiple sources, in this case four concerts that have not been previously released.

I feel the Live tag is for recordings from a single date. This Pallas series might also include recordings from the studio. And Compilation feels like it contains previously released tracks.

So should it be just Album then?

What do you think?

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“live” is one or many gigs on an album. And that is promoted as live, and is certainly all live recordings in the description. It is also a “compilation” as the description says that these are all previously released cassettes. This is just the first time released in this format.

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The tapes have never been released previously, as I said in my original post. The gigs were recorded by the band in those days but always kept in their archives. This is the first public release.

So, the Live tag I understand even if they are from different dates.

But the Compilation tag?

If they’re previously unreleased then not a compilation by MusicBrainz standards, I believe. Compare with this, which was also a collection of live recordings from different events:


This is yet another example how we could use the “anthology” secondary type to refer to singular artist’s collected works.

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I mis-understood the comments on the bandcamp page. So these are tapes the band made themselves? Therefore just “live” and not compilation.

I thought these were being described as tapes that used to be sold at gigs. I have various punk tapes from back then which now are appearing on official CD re-issues (including Bandcamp). As these examples are the bands own personal tapes, then it is just live.

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No worries, you’re right that those can be confusing! The album I mentioned in my first post consists of previously unreleased material only.

Their bandcamp releases contain a few previouly released tapes (Sketches and Southampton 1986) and otherwise released material (Pallas EP, Live Our Lives) all fortunately following the original releases so they’re in the same release group. But the major part on their Bandcamp page was released there first.

Thanks for the confirmation, I will add it als just Live.

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