Live bootlegs: early/late shows

Sometimes, artists play two shows the same night, at the same venue. However, there doesn’t seem to be any guidelines specifying where/how to put that information in live bootlegs release titles.

It looks a bit messy right now, some examples:

Can we agree on a pattern (and add it to the documentation)?

Personally, I’d favor having that information before the colon, to keep a “date (and time): location” format. Something like either:

  • YYYY-MM-DD, early/late show: Venue, City, State/Province, Country
  • YYYY-MM-DD (early/late show): Venue, City, State/Province, Country

But what do you all think? Also, what about capitalization?


Normal capitalization, it’s not really a title (my opinion)


I edit plenty of bootlegs and agree with your placing, as part of the date. And stays lower case.
2008-12-17, early show: Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

In some cases there is already a title on the bootleg, and that should be kept as it is. I expect this leads to a lot of the inconsistencies.

If this does become a guideline, then the original title of the bootleg needs to take precedent. MB documents what exists now, we are not trying to tidy up people’s music collections.


I’m not sure if this should be made into a guideline, but this idea seems good, in any case. If you feel it would benefit from being a guideline, propose a wording for the guideline page and we can see if people have issues with it and add it if not :slight_smile:


I have used variations such as “dinner” and “midnight” or “matinée” and “evening” in some cases, if the shows were listed/advertised as such.


Ok! Maybe something like this:

Additional date information can be added before the colon, in the form: “YYYY-MM-DD, additional information: Venue, City, State/Province, Country”. This should only be used to distinguish events that took place the same day or if the event is advertised as such. Typical examples includes early/late show, dinner, matinée.

And add an example to the existing section:



Looks good - but you mean “colon (:)” not “semicolon (;)”. Also not sure if you need to say “only”.

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Yes, sorry about that. I have edited the message accordingly.


Works for me. Updated the guideline :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I already added lots of entries for Bruce Springsteen and used the disambiguation field
see - Search Results - MusicBrainz

I guess I have to change it now … actually I will … I second the new guldline


This is key to me. Many Bruce Springsteen bootlegs include the early/late show indication in the title.