Live album where all songs have "(live)" in their titles

I am looking in particular to this release:

It is a live album. All songs are live performances. The guideline says to add this to distinguish the song from other versions with the same name. What I am not sure is whether this live album should have all songs with “(live)” in the title. IMHO this is absurd as it’s redundant from the context, but I don’t think the style guide is clear about it. Also, other live albums don’t follow this, for example

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The “live” should only be added to the recordings in the disambiguation field, not the track list or recording title. E.g. for your Nirvana example see

See also the guidelines at Style/Recording - MusicBrainz Wiki


Thanks for confirming my suspicion. Editing now.

Generally if half the tracks on a release are (live) then the (live) is added to just those track titles.

If all the tracks are (live) then it only goes in the disambig as usually the album title tells you that one is live anyway.

On this example things are confused slightly as the original LP has (ETI) for different live locations. So the LP is correct to have (live From The Royal Albert Hall) etc on the tracks

The Nirvana example is all from the same gig.


Hi @IvanDobsky , sorry this went unnoticed.

Just wanted to nitpick that the Nirvana example is a live album where songs are from many different concerts.