List of native ListenBrainz API apps and in development apps

My browser extension now supports scrobbling Google Play Music listening activity to, and ListenBrainz. (more activity sources coming next month)

Currently available on:


mpdscribble is an MPD client, it supports, and listenbrainz through proxy.

I’m using this client to post on my listenbrainz account.

I’m also writing a client library in pure python3, I don’t know where to advertise about it. Maybe we need a similar topic dedicated to clients libraries.



If you want create a list under the Apps that recently added support for ListenBrainz and which I’ve not checked yet in too much detail to know in what exact list they should belong to list that has a list name of your liking ie “Client libraries” or “Advanced section: Client libraries” or just choose a name you consider relatively objective/“npov”(neutral point of view)-ish :slight_smile: and add your published program/library to the list.

Feel welcome to edit/add stuff to the 1st post.

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My project, AudioStreamerScrobbler, can be categorized in the “In development” apps, I’d think.

It’s a program meant to be run 24/7 on Raspberry pi devices and aims to monitor popular consumer hardware audiostreamers (as found in popular wi-fi speakers and some AV and/or hi-fi amps). Right now it can only monitor 1 BluOS device (from BlueSound) device, but Yamaha MusicCast and Denon HEOS support will be added (hopefully) soon.

The aim is that the program will be able to monitor all players of all supported types in a single household, which (eventually) can be grouped to different accounts of different music tracking services. There’s a long way to go, but the program is in heavy development and I already use it daily on my NAD C368 amplifier with the internal BluOS 2 upgrade card.

I have recently added native ListenBrainz support to it (with native, I mean it uses the ListenBrainz API and not the AudioScrobbler 2.0 compatibility API). This weekend I hope to fix some issues and add support for local ListenBrainz server installations as well. FWIW, it already has support for Last FM, Libre FM and GNU FM instances.

The project can be found here:

I use the project personally already to register listens on my personal ListenBrainz account


Have you thought about adding Chrome Cast support?
There seems to be a library for java that you should be able to use.


Good one, had not thought about it yet, as I’m not a Chromecast user yet. I’ll do some research.

I’ll make a wiki page with my plans.

I’m a developer of a Portuguease multilanguage Web application that uses MusicBrainz and YouTube metadata to listen music. Now I added full native ListenBrainz scrobble support on beta stage.

Musicoteca Beta:



Pano Scrobbler! My favorite scrobbler to use - I wish it wasn’t just for Android

They just recently pushed out ListenBrainz support, however it only “listens” - no viewing or loving in the UI - yet. Also, currently you must have a account configured within the app to get the app UI to function correctly… WIP but it works well for submitting data :slight_smile: (( Also supports custom ListenBrainz servers))

I vouch for this app as a daily user, and I use it to Scrobble to and Listen @ ListenBrainz, simutaniously.

No Ads. No Premium.

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It’s Official Web-Scrobbler version 2.9.0

If using web-scrobbler and you’re trying the whole FOSS OSH, save the internet bizness… try disabling google analytics in web-scrobbler options cause that’d be against your beliefs probably.

I have been using Multi-Account Scrobblers for years…

as oz10h on github I was the guy who added support for Simple Scrobbler and Web Scrobbler. oz10h is one of my github accounts it’s a short form of my name austin hogan.

humblebeebumblebeedebugs is another one but I lost access to the account through my own stupidity. I mucked up the project SLS almost and will have to contact the original developer to make any major required updates.

I am currently building a brand new scrobbler for android that should solve most of the major issues I had while I tried to modernize and refactor Simple Scrobbler. A client with all the functionality and options and more that any of the and any of the similar apps have ever offered.
I am also using Go the programming language to build my own variant of a scrobbling (metadata recording) service which I intend to use the android client. I will also add support in web-scrobbler.That should cover most people’s devices except iOS for now. I purchased the domain and a little amazon server to really start testing and programming. This time with gitea a gogs variant which is a github variant utlimately. I purchased the domain (it’s a dead site for now) to see if I could get the ball rolling and let me know if you read this, if that name is cool or not. Sooo that’s it.

I know some say why reinvent the wheel.
Well I am trying make metadata music sites “fly”.

I have really wasted/spent some time reading and testing the code bases and the features of the big 3 music metadata sites and think I can really improve them and give the avid music listener control over all the functionality each api has to offer, and hopefully I have enough tricks up my sleeve that they’ll stick with instead of any of the others. However listenfreak will have functionality to interact with each of the other 3.
The same goes for scrobbling apps. I have seen many implementations but not one app that won my metadata heart… I really think it would be nice if the user had full control over the api if they wanted it and also full control over local storage options should they want that too. So you could store everything off grid if you desired and stuff like that. Or run the server on your home network and scrobble everything when you get home. Select when, where and how your metadata is created. I think there are lots of cool features that could be in the server itself like a build guide and settings guide. Same goes for the apps.

BTW I looked at pScrobbler too. I think it’s probably the best one out there.

Well. If you think that’s cool let me know. Feedback is important, but I will probably build them both either way for my own personal use if nothing else.


Strawberry Music Player supports Listenbrainz as of version 0.5.1. It supports Linux, BSD’s and Windows.
You can find it here:


Thank you for your work on SLS over the years. It is a reliable scrobbling app for me over the years, especially when’s mobile applications were almost non-existent.

I know you are an experienced developer, but consider getting involved with an upstream project. The amount of overhead on you as a developer in your free time is high. Since the early 2000s, there were several ambitious projects aspiring to capitulate over’s dominance. Many ended up in developer burnout because of overwhelming project requirements to account for several moving parts (e.g. different services) and/or lack of engagement from the community. My belief is in supporting an active upstream project and working with a community to accomplish ambitious goals.

Sadly, is almost entirely dead, but work on ListenBrainz is slow but continuous. I have faith from MetaBrainz’s previous portfolio of work that ListenBrainz will see it through and do things the right way (it’s one reason why I’m still active in this community too).

Of course you are able to do whatever you like, but it would be awesome to have more developers with a track record like yourself contribute to and help projects like ListenBrainz. :slightly_smiling_face:

Something to consider. Thanks again for your years of work holding the fort with SLS.


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In-development apps which may add native ListenBrainz support in the future



I added my Kodi ListenBrainz addon to the list in the OP just now.

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@Freso, could you edit the foobar2000 entry in the first post. Just remove the JScript Panel link and associated discussion link. The LB script will likely be removed from that component package in the next few weeks.

Just the link for my proper ListenBrainz 2 component should remain.

Also, it doesn’t need expert knowledge. Like any player plugin, it just requires entering a user token in the preferences - no implementation can escape that! edit: didn’t read the section header properly



I think the post was put in Wiki mode and you should actually be able to edit the post yourself. But I removed the link to the script. And thanks a lot for your foobar2000 components.#

EDIT: I also updated the list to indicate that Rhythmbox since version 3.4.4 includes the ListenBrainz plugin


I recently released the stable version of a MusicBee plugin


We’d really appreciate a pull request adding the stable clients to We link to this page from the LB home page.

Perhaps clients need their own page? Hiding them away on a page labelled “api docs” is going to hurt discovery for the average user who doesn’t know or care what “api” even means.


Yep, we have a ticket for that. Just haven’t been able to get to it yet.