Getting MBIDs submitted with Google Play Music Desktop Player

Has anyone here had any success getting their Google Play Music Desktop Player listens to show up with nice links to MusicBrainz at all? I just notice it’s in the list @internetofdata has built, but my experience has been that no listens ever have a proper MBID attached to them.

Their payload looks like this:

const getListenPayloadFromData = (listenType, track, artist, album, listenedAt) => {
  const payload = {
    track_metadata: {
      artist_name: artist,
      track_name: track,

  if (album) {
    payload.track_metadata.release_name = album;

  if (listenedAt) {
    payload.listened_at = listenedAt;

  return {
    listen_type: listenType,
    payload: [payload],

IE: their payload never includes any MBID’s even if they might exist at the source. I’m guessing it’s just a limitation we can’t do much about except wait for MessyBrainz etc to eventually provide magic for linking all these random plays with MSID’s up their nice neatly organised listings. But thought I’d check anyway - has anyone else come across this before, or has some magic tricks for getting tracks to show up correctly? :slight_smile:

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To clarify, you mean this open source client vs. something shipped by Google, right?

If this is the tool you use, it probably makes sense to drive this conversation upstream. I think on the MeB side, MessyBrainz would be the way you would associate existing metadata to MBIDs. Otherwise this is an API-specific question I suppose?