Linux Asunder CDDB Lookup

If anyone can point me to a guide or FAQ on how to configure CD Lookup that would be great.

I tried: Server:, Port:80
But, that didn’t seem to work.
For some reason my searches haven’t returned anything useful. Thanks.

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Our FreeDB gateway was shut down last year. On top of that, the FreeDB database itself shut down earlier this year.


Since asunder 2.9.6 they default to instead of the now defunct If you have an older version you should be able to configure this.

There was also some work to get MusicBrainz support, but looks like it stalled again. See their bug tracker:


I was able to use on port 8880.
Too bad about MusicBrainz. I was hoping its data was cleaner than freedb.


What do you mean by “cleaner”?

MusicBrainz has an API for looking up albums by CD TOC. Applications should implement that API.


Musicbrainz does have a public api and there are other options on linux that will look up the disk id on musicbrainz to tag your music.

Sound Juicer is an easy to use gui based cd ripper for gnome that does the job.
I would recommend using the command line whipper as a ripper as this will also look up the rip in the database allowing you to verify your rip was the same as someone else.
See MusicBrainz Enabled Applications