Linking urls to scores of transcriptions of recordings

I already discussed this in IRC, but I thought that some others might want to weigh in, and to store the decision here for others to refer to in similar situations.

We have a collection of traditional music from Morocco (,, and we spent some time with a collaborator digitising recordings (and uploading them to internet archive) and transcribing the recordings to scores (uploaded to

Because of the nature of this music, a work doesn’t really represent a traditional “composition”, instead it’s a combination of a melodic and a rhythmic mode. These can be combined as the performer wants.
In our case, we have some works (, for which we have more than one recording by different artists (, The music in each of these recordings differs significantly, and so we have two score transcriptions, one for each recording.

The relationship “get the score” is only valid between work-url, not recording-url, so our plan is to make an additional work for each recording, and join these works to the existing work with a work-work relationship (arrangement, or based on?). This will allow us to attach the url of the score to the recording (indirectly).

Does this sound like a good plan? Are there existing situations in the MB database that does something similar? Does anyone have any other suggestions?