Linking stems to the full songs

Somewhat unusually, all the stems of “We Are Number One” from the TV show LazyTown were released officially on SoundCloud. Does MusicBrainz have a preferred way of connecting these to the full recording?


There isn’t a recording-to-recording relationship for this purpose (yet), but you can suggest it by creating a “MusicBrainz Style (STYLE)” ticket.

Incidentally, it looks like these are standalone recordings, rather than singles.

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I mean, they do have basic covers and descriptions, and it’s not possible to add covers to standalone recordings. There’s also the bootleg single (see thread), which was released on Spotity and iTunes but also on SoundCloud, and it wasn’t possible to add some of the correct metadata for the SoundCloud upload without creating a separate release.

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I’ve created STYLE-1376, which hopefully is in the right place.

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For what it’s worth, the pictures on Soundcloud are track art, not album covers. I see that someone released them as singles (with basic cover art), but that doesn’t retroactively impart “single” status to the Soundcloud recordings. I understand that you wanted to attach the track art, but (Imho) accuracy is more important. Anyway, I wouldn’t worry too much about losing the track art: It’s just repurposed images, as Soundcloud track art often is.

I don’t know what is a stem but if you mean you have one big recording and several split recordings, there is a compilation recording-recording to link the big recording to all the small ones.

Here is an example, see compilation of relationship, there:

I find standalone recordings completely unhelpful when it comes to collecting an artists output in MB. Can’t attach any useful data, and totally hidden in the interface.

I always add singles if it’s been released on its own with a date and art ¯_(ツ)_/¯

A stem usually contains just one isolated instrument or vocal taken from the full recording. They’re often released publically to encourage people to make remixes.


Oh OK, I see!
Thanks Kid! :slight_smile:

@overcast07 about we only have KARAOKE for the moment, in this kind of stuff (isolated tracks or removed tracks).

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